Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex

“The only way we know it’s true is that we both dreamed it. That’s what reality is. It’s a dream everyone has together.”

Wow. This book. My sister, Maura, told me this is one of her favorite books so I decided to dive in. It is a journey. At 529 pages, it’s not a short read, but it is so worth it. It is about a narrator who was raised a girl but when she is 14 finds out that she is a hermaphrodite. It gives a vivid and complex story of her family, her history, and how she grew up as a girl with XY chromosomes. This book covers so many complexities of life, death, heartbreak, love, sexuality, family, the 70’s- all of it.  If you don’t take my word for the brilliance of the book, just refer to the “Winner of the Pulitzer Prize” marking on the book jacket.