Born a Crime

Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

“Language, even more than color, defines who you are to people.”

I think it’s obvious with my reading list that I have a thing for celebrity memoirs. Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime was a fascinating read about his life as a child to mixed parents during the Apartheid in South Africa. His stories are sometimes shocking, but always an honest recount of living a life centered around race. I recognize that I have lived a privileged life as a white person from the United States, but since being in Peace Corps, I have found aspects of Trevor Noah’s story relatable. The quote I have highlighted is one of those aspects I can relate to. Learning Spanish was a huge step into my integration in Peru. Without Spanish, I am even more of an outsider than I already am based on my race and culture. Language is an incredible way to integrate and an incredible part of Trevor Noah’s story.