Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial

Rabia Chaudry’s Adnan’s Story: The Search for the Truth and Justice After Serial

“Culture is a powerful force that influences our perceptions, our mindsets and even our domestic and foreign policies. The rich, messy complexity of 1,400 years of Islamic civilization and 1.6 billion Muslims has been reduced to token stereotypes. We are either avatars of destruction or the good Muslim who helps the national security narrative. But the overwhelming majority of us live in the giant middle—the grey zone—where impressions exist in more colors than just black and white.”

Like millions of others in our world, I was a huge fan of the Serial podcast when it came out. I had a routine of listening to it early mornings at the gym and I was completely captivated by this murder mystery that led to a young man serving a life’s sentence in prison. After the podcast, I was a firm believer that Adnan was innocent. This book took my belief even further. This book is written by a close friend of Adnan and it recounts all of the tiny details in the case that were overlooked in his trial. It is well written and engaging and even more informative than Serial. If you were a fan of Serial, you will love this book.