About Me: From Virginia to Perú

Greetings readers! My name is Caron and this blog is meant to capture my experience serving as a Peace Corps Community Economic Development volunteer in Peru…mostly so my friends and family know I haven’t been abducted by a herd of llamas.

I’m from Richmond, Virginia and am a proud graduate of Virginia’s two greatest schools: Virginia Tech and University of Richmond. Virginia Tech’s motto Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) resonated with me, and that is where I decided that one day I would pursue the Peace Corps. After working for a couple of years after undergrad, I decided to get Masters of Business from the University of Richmond. I found myself attracted to projects focused on non-profits, and the Associate Dean noticed this pattern in my work. As I was nearing graduation, I met with the Dean to get some clarity on life after graduating and that’s when he pointed out the obvious to me: I thrive when my work is focused on helping people. I went home that evening and pressed submit on my Peace Corps application.

Now, several months later, the journey begins. I arrive in Peru on April 28, 2016.