Name that Fruit (And a Day at the Campo)

After three weeks in Perú, there is one thing I have definitely learned: this is the land of unique fruits. On a daily basis, I try new fruits that I could not have imagined existed. It’s like relearning how to eat every time I pick up an oddly shaped resemblance of a plant . The best part is, my host grandmother has a campo in her backyard and she happens to grow all of the most beautiful and exotic fruits that I now crave. What does that mean? Every fruit is freshly picked and served. It also means I could spend my Sunday walking around the campo taking educational and mouthwatering photos to share with my friends and family in the states! Below is a list of some of my new favorites.

  1. Granadilla: This fruit is very sweet and delicious, but takes a little open-mindedness because the inside looks something like alien brains. It has a hard shell that you have to jab your thumb into to peel off and reveal the gooey inside filled with black, edible seeds. Sounds weird, but it’s a new favorite.

DSC_03482. Tuna: This is the very sweet fruit of the cactus that comes in various hot colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.) I would describe this as watermelon, kiwi, and berries balled up into one prickly fruit. DSC_0362.JPG

3. Guanabana: Another prickly fruit! Also, this fruit has a really fun name to say. My host mom makes the most delicious juice out of this fruit that has a citrusy flavor. According to legend, this fruit has really great health benefits, but my internet is not fast enough for me to confirm this fact with any legitimate studies. If someone feels like Googling this for me, leave a comment and let me know! 🙂


4. Limón: This is probably not a new fruit for my USA readers, but it is a fruit that is used in almost every dish here, so I thought it would be a cruel cultural betrayal to leave it out. Fun fact: The city Lima is named for the limón fruit. It is also used in the national drink of Perú: The Pisco Sour. DSC_0367.JPG

5. Mango: This is another familiar fruit to my USA friends, but it is very common and delicious here in Perú. Plus, how cool is it that my grandma grows these in her backyard!?


6. Papaya: Another familiar fruit in the USA, so does not require too much explanation. Most mornings, my host mom has a fresh papaya smoothie waiting for me at the breakfast table. DSC_0387.JPG

7. Caña de Azucar: Not really a fruit, but sugar is used in just about every meal I have had in Perú. Immigration to Perú was also heavily influenced by this plant, which makes it an important part of Peruvian culture. DSC_0405.JPG

8. Platanos: In Perú, both bananas and plantains are called “platanos”. They come in all different forms and sizes and are all incredibly fresh and delicious. For Maura, I’m sorry to post a picture of bananas. I hope you will forgive me…DSC_0392.jpg

9. Palta: Avocados! My absolute favorite part of Peruvian cuisine is the unlimited amount of avocado found everywhere. They are way bigger in Perú than I have seen in the USA, and they seem to stay fresher longer for some reason.


10. Guinda:  This is a sour cherry fruit that I rather like!



There are tons of other new and exciting fruits that I will add to this post once I have some great photos to share. Below, are a few of my other favorite photos from my day on the campo. Enjoy!



Mi prima, Mia, y su gato. 



Mi abuelo y su tortuga, Speedy. 


Frari and his “legos” (clothespins) 


Speedy’s favorite fruit? Fresh tomatoes from the garden. 


Speedy the Tortuga. 


Frari picked flowers to match my dress. 


Lots of cuy at the campo



Move over Forrest Link, Frari can play guitar behind his back



View from the campo


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maura says:

    That looks amazing-delicious—minus those palta! que ruim!—so thank you for sharing. En inglés, ‘grandillia’ é ‘passionfruit’. It’s all over Guatemala too, and it’s my favorite. We have so much in common.

    Your photos are gorgeous, Carita. I miss you a ton! The farmers market isn’t the same without you.


  2. Tom says:



  3. Barbara Hope says:

    Hi Caron, Rob & I love your writing via blog! You have been amazing in that you share so many pictures and perspectives of your new life in Peru. We plan on visiting “Weezie” in a few weeks and will spend the afternoon sharing your pictures again. We recently mailed Weezie your picture (in color) of her art you had put up on your wall (from Facebook). Have a great time in Ancash…Love Barb & Rob


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